Grid Regulation

The availability of electricity from solar energy and wind power is subject to very strong fluctuations due to the weather. Often, a lot of electricity is produced when there is hardly any demand, and when more electricity is needed, the weather conditions are unfavourable. This causes fluctuations in the electricity grid, which in the worst case can lead to a complete grid failure. The central problem of the energy transition therefore is energy storage to compensate for those fluctuations. With its great record, the Voltumna® is an excellent candidate to solve this problem!

Grid Regulation

Voltumna® High Capacity Battery Container

The Voltumna® high-performance battery container has an overall efficiency of more than 90 %, operates in a wide operating temperature range and has a long service life of > 50,000 charging cycles compared to other batteries. For grid-wide storage of electricity with long discharge times, N2 TRANS' system reduces many of the constraints imposed by other storage technologies. The Voltumna® Hybrid Storage System and likewise the Battery Storage Container alone have a small footprint without the liquefaction plant and can easily meet strict urban building codes.

Voltumna Battery Container

Another great advantage of this battery is its high recycling rate of over 90 %. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, there is no risk of explosion and the battery can be drilled, cut or hammered without danger.

Battery Cell Safety Tests

Voltumna® Nitrogen Storage

The Voltumna® Nitrogen Storage System is a cryogenic energy storage system. Cryogenic energy storage refers to the use of cryogenic liquids, such as liquid air or liquid nitrogen, as energy storage. With liquid air storage, an incredibly high energy density can be achieved, and is thus comparable to batteries. This is 20 times higher than with air compression storage and a whole 400 times higher than with common pumped storage hydro power station. Energy storage is possible for up to 4 weeks with almost no losses. Our patented storage system is an ideal solution for transferring surplus electricity from summer to winter. Efficiencies of up to 93% can be achieved here (confirmed by expert opinion from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy).

Working principle of the Voltumna® Nitrogen Storage System

Stage 1: Charging the system

Using the standardised air separation process, air is separated into nitrogen (~78%), oxygen (~21%), argon (~0.93%) and other gases The nitrogen is cooled down to minus 196° Celsius in a liquefaction plant by using electrical energy until nitrogen liquefies. Approximately 700-800 litres of gaseous nitrogen become about 1 litre of liquid nitrogen.

Stage 2: Energy Storage

The liquid nitrogen is stored in a cryogenic tank at low pressure, which acts as an energy store. Depending on the size, up to several GWh of energy can be stored.

Crogenic Tank
Stage 3: Energy Recovery

When electricity is needed, the liquid nitrogen is converted back into gas form via a patented pre-evaporator and further heat is added to the system via heat exchangers. This causes 1 litre of liquid nitrogen to expand again to 700-800 times its original size. If additional heat energy is added, e.g. from the stored heat from the compressors, this increases the efficiency exponentially. This creates a high-pressure gas from which energy is extracted in several patented stages and drives different motors, which in turn set several electric generators in motion to produce electricity.


Voltumna® Hybrid Storage

The Voltumna® Hybrid Storage System is a combination of the Voltumna® Nitrogen Storage and the Voltumna® Battery Container The Voltumna hybrid storage system differs from its competitors by precisely this combination of liquid air and a high-performance battery. As a result, the hybrid storage system achieves a charge and discharge rate of 5 C. Practically all large-scale storage systems worldwide operate at 0.2 - 0.5 C, occasionally at 1 C.

Voltumna Hybridspeicher

The Voltumna® Hybrid Storage System is adaptable and can be used at all levels of the electricity system: to support power generation, to stabilise transmission and distribution grids and as a backup power source for end users, as well as a fast charging station for the expansion of e-mobility. Our patented cryogenic technology is based on best practices from the fields of turbo machinery, engine and generator technology, power generation and industrial gases.

Advantages of the Voltumna® Hybrid Storage System

  • Our power storage unit combines nitrogen technology with a high-performance battery
  • Active battery management in combination with nitrogen as storage medium
  • Overall efficiency of ~ 54% without external heat source
  • Additional heat energies increase the efficiency exponentially
  • up to 6C charging
  • up to 6C discharge
  • Wider operating temperature range
  • Charging efficiency of more than 98%
  • better performance at low temperatures
  • Long life up to > 50,000 charge cycles at 0.5C
  • Minimal overheating or heat emission during operation (waste heat during the charging process as well as during conversion can be used again for nitrogen power production)
  • Containers are stackable and can therefore be scaled as required
  • 4C battery containers from 1.112MWh capacity and up to 5 MW output
  • With N2 (nitrogen) there is no environmental pollution at all
  • So-called "efficiency losses" are absolutely negligible, as we do not cause any damage to nature or people with our technology.
  • We are able to cushion energy bottlenecks with the cleanest technology on earth "N2"
  • With the help of our overall technology, we can cleanly (without "any pollution") and directly intervene in current energy supply to counteract enormous gaps in supply and similar situations to ensure neutral grid stability.
  • All this without causing even the slightest damage to nature.
  • 4C battery containers from 1.112MWh capacity and up to 5 MW output<
  • Hybrid storage battery + nitrogen from 20MWh cpacity and starting from 5 MW output

Our Goals



Our goal is to store and harness large quantities of liquid nitrogen, converting it into energy with higher efficiency than most other solutions.


Our hybrid storage units are capable of storing immense amounts of energy, as the units are specially designed to release the power of the air.


We work to be one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market, offering both high efficiencies and low installation costs.

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